Read Through The Bible In One Year

The Bible is God's written Word to us.  It is His story that He wants us to know and understand.  He has given us the ability to meet Him by reading stories about those who have gone before us and how He met them and dealt with them.  Obviously, the Bible is full of less than perfect stories because those who are in the Bible are less than perfect.  But we also see that God is perfect, loving, and Holy, Holy, Holy.  He has called us servants and He has called us His friends and He has called us to be His children. 
My hope for you is that you make a commitment to read His Word this year.  If you miss a day or two (or more),  please do not give up.  In the 5 years that I have read the Bible, I have yet to have a year that I have read every day. 
I have found three plans that could be of service to you as you read.  The first two take about 20 minutes a day.  The third is a weekly plan, which can give you more flexibility in how much you read each day.
God wants to meet with you this year.  I want to encourage you to meet with Him, and discover more fully our Awesome God!
- Pastor Scott

Straight through the Bible in a year

Old/New Testament each day 

52 week plan